Lubhoo School

The Chair of KIKN joined Lai See to visit this inspiring school. They were warmly welcomed with garlands and traditional Nepali scarves.

The demand for increasing the numbers at our Breakfast club is pressing. This is the common issue facing all the 7 schools we are helping. 100 children in every school club is no longer adequate as more children are drawn to the schools because of a free meal……..

The Vocational College for Engineering opened its door on 1April 2019. We saw the new class room furniture, the newly stocked library, together with all the improvements the school has made in the last 12 months. We were impressed and inspired by their determination to provide the best for the students living in the rural villages.

Lai See has visited several of the KIKN schools since her arrival in Kathmandu. From what she has seen so far she feels justly proud of KIKN’s fund raising efforts in the UK to enable the Principals/School heads in the 7 schools to continue to strive for their pupils. They are giving the children the best start possible in life. 

To all the Pricipals, Headmasters and Headmistresses of the schools in Kathmandu, KIKN salutes you !