Our Children

Each year with the money raised, KIKN has been able to provide support and help to, firstly the children we sponsor, secondly to the Orphanage, the Neel Barahi School, Jana Sudhar School, Lubhoo School and Om Disabled Children’s Care Home.

We currently sponsor 40 children from across the schools in Kathmandu, through the local knowledge of our local agent, Uma Mathema

Below are stories of some of the children we sponsor.


Sunita lives with her parents in a rented room. It is common for many of the families to live, cook, eat and sleep in just one rented room. She has a 6 year old brother whom she cares for.


Rajesh has had a harrowing childhood until he came to the orphanage. Rajesh was 7 years old when his father passed away. Life is hard, but especially so when it’s a woman who has to bring the children up with no help from the state, nor family.


Rochana Magar Rochana was 8 when she was first sponsored by KIKN IN 2010. She is a friendly and warm child. She is very bright in her study. She was attending a substandard (free) school when she came to our notice.

Sunita and Sarika

The Shree Neel Barahi Higher Secondary School brought these two sisters to the notice of KIKN’s Chief Officer in September 2012 during her annual visit to Nepal. Sunita is 12 years old and Sarika is 10 years old.

Their father is a vegetable seller in the local market. In March 2012, the girls’ mother died. Their father soon remarried and their step-mother moved in very quickly following the death of their mother. She was pregnant and now has a young son.