What We Do


Kids in Kathmandu Nepal (KIKN) charity has been set up to provide help and support to orphans and disadvantaged children and young people, mainly living in and around the Kalimati area in Kathmandu.

The Objects of the Charity are:

To relieve the poverty of orphaned and disadvantaged children and young people in Kathmandu Nepal by the provision of clothing, equipment and other goods for daily living, and

To advance in life and relieve the needs of orphaned and disadvantaged children and young people in Kathmandu Nepal by providing support, facilities and activities which assist in advancing their education and developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible adults.

The Charity has two main strands of work:

The first is the sponsorship of individual children from both the Save Lives Foundation Orphanage and from local schools. In December 2018, our sponsors are supporting 31 children and young adults.

The second is to enhance educational opportunities by improving infrastructure and facilities at two local schools, and a home for disabled children.

The Charity’s income comes from the sponsors of individual children, from fund raising events, from grants for specific projects, and one-off and regular donations from its supporters.

Sponsorship pays for the school fees, all the educational materials and school uniforms required for the sponsored children’s schooling.

In addition, those sponsored children who are living at home are each given an emergency lamp and a specially made table to enable them to continue studying during the regular power cuts in the long winter evenings. We purchased a small generator for the orphanage, where eight of the sponsored children live.

We now have sponsored children entering higher education, and the Charity is committed to fund the additional fees and maintenance, whilst studying for degrees or other vocational courses. To date KIKN has two graduates, four undergraduates and fifteen doing A-level equivalent.

Schools: We fund infrastructure and equipment projects and breakfast clubs at The Shree Neel Barahi School, Lubhoo School, Ishwor School, Shree Buddha School, Saraswati School and the Adarsha School. We also fund 0.5 salary of a computer teacher and a karate teacher at Shree Neel Barahi School, following the purchase of 35 computers and the installation of solar panels (due to daily power cuts). We were greatly assisted by grants from Futures for Kids, a UK charity.

Extra-curricular Activities: All sponsored children are offered the opportunity to attend English tuition classes. At the Shree Neel Barahi School, we fund karate and Nepalese dancing classes, open to all pupils at the school.

Chief Officer/Founder, Lai See Chew, visits Kathmandu each year to ensure that the Charity’s funds have been distributed and utilised according to the Charity’s Objects, as approved by the Trustees.

If you would like to know more, please visit our projects page.