Listed below are the formal policies of the charity. To read the full details of each one please click on the “Read More” button.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Kids in Kathmandu Nepal Charitable Company (“KIKN”) provides help and support to orphans and disadvantaged children who live in Nepal and respects the privacy of our Sponsors and Donors and any other persons who use this web-site, or communicate with the Charity via any other means.

We are the sole owners of the information collected on the KIKN web-site. We only collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact from you. We will not sell or supply this information to anyone else.


Child Protection Policy

The following Child Protection Policy and Procedures are agreed by the Trustees and will be reviewed every three years, and/or whenever there is any significant change in the organization or relevant legislation.

Kids in Kathmandu Nepal (“KIKN”) is a charity supporting children in Nepal. KIKN believes that all children have a right to personal dignity and a safe environment, and that the welfare of the child is paramount. KIKN has a special responsibility and duty of care to all children with whom it is associated, wherever they may be. KIKN is committed to acting at all times in the best interests of children and to protect them from physical, emotional or sexual abuse and from commercial exploitation.


Banking Information and Scheme of Delegation

  • Kids in Kathmandu Nepal (“KIKN”) banks with HSBC Bank, 141 High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1BX. This Community Banking account is charge free, other than for bank transfer payments to Nepal.
  • Account details are available to Janet Davies (JD), Chair, Lai See Chew (LSC), Chief Officer and Stephen Smith (SS).
  • JD, LSC and SS are signatories to the account, and each has a bank debit card and cheque book, with access to on-line banking.
  • Cheques can be signed by either JD, LSC or SS.
  • Transfers of funds to Nepal require the signatures of either JD, LSC or SS together with ID information.
  • KIKN has elected not to have a credit card with this account, to avoid further charges.



Kids in Kathmandu Nepal (“KIKN”) is a small charity, with no staff or premises costs and only plans to spend the resource income that it receives from fund-raising for the benefit of the Saves Lives Foundation Orphanage, Shree Neel Barahi School, Jana Sudhar School, and Lubhoo School and from the regular payments made by sponsors for the benefit of individual children.

However, the Trustees recognise that there may be occasions when KIKN might need to call upon a reserves fund, and therefore has agreed to hold a minimum sum of £5,000 in its bank account as a reserve. This sum will be over and above the payments due to be transferred to Nepal on a quarterly basis and any fees due to be paid by KIKN (e.g. web-hosting fees, bank charges, fund-raising costs).


Investment Policy

Charity Registration Number: 1142150

Date of Investment Policy Statement:  1stMay 2018

  1. Introduction

 1.1 Kids In Kathmandu Nepal (KIKN) is a limited company registered charity, whose purpose is to help poor and socially disadvantaged children and young adults in Kathmandu, Nepal to access education. We do this by raising funds from donations, grants and individual sponsorships, sponsoring 40 children through education, including university and by improving basic facilities and infrastructure in 4 schools in the Kathmandu Valley.

1.2 KIKN has annual income from fund raising, donations, sponsorships and grants of approximately £50-60k. Annual expenditure is approximately £40k. The charity’s reserve policy is to hold £5,000 as reserves to ensure continued financial security and to provide for contingencies.