Visit to Ishwor School

KIKN trustee John Crowe paid his first visit to this little school. He was welcomed and honoured in the traditional way by the Headmaster (see photo).

A box with children’s board games, skipping ropes, art materials and colouring pencils was handed over to the school.

John saw the 5 small class rooms. He was struck by how small the children are in the Nursery class for their age. The weather affects the school attendance significantly. There is a lower attendance when it’s cold and wet as many of the young children have no appropriate clothing/ warm jacket for winter.
It’s something we need to think about.

The headmaster took time to explain the difficulties this little school faces. With little space for storage and a low budget, buying clean water for the students consumption is proving to be a daily challenge. A realistic list of needs ( not wants) was drawn up.

KIKN faces another challenge to improve this little school with beggar children in a very poor neighbourhood……