Third Round Of Food Relief

KIKN started its third round of food distribution on Monday 28th September at Shree Buddha School. Thanks to all you loyal sponsors and supporters, you have made it possible to help feed a further 1200 children and their families in the 6 schools. The timing coincides with the arrival of the Nepalese Festivals ( similar to Xmas in the west) on 11 October. It is somewhat poignant… will give some festival ( Xmas) cheer to the children we help by having some food on the table during the festival time.

Although the government has told the schools that they can reopen, the majority are going to get the festivals out of the way before reopening in November. The Covid situation appears to be settling down in many parts of the country. However, in Kathmandu with approximately 80% of the country’s population working and living there, the infection rate is increasing alarmingly. With overcrowding and people not heeding the advice of face covering and social distancing, the situation is highly worrying…..KIKN is maintaining close contact with Uma. We are offering help and support whenever possible. Thank you all in helping KIKN to make it happen. Long may we continue.