Shree Buddha Secondary School Visit

The KIKN Chair visited our 6th (new ) school with the team on a very wet and sodden day.
The KIKN team was warmly welcomed in the traditional manner with Tika, Garland and a Nepali crafted scarf.

We had a formal welcome from the Chairman of the school management board. A presentation was made with the list of what’s needed to develop the school further.

The school demonstrated their commitment to the children by networking widely. They successfully secured financial help to issue all the children with a free uniform and grants for their past year 12 students to go on to college and university. The KIKN funded breakfast club for 50 is stretched to 100. A most inspiring and impresssive effort on the school’s part.

The list of requests received from the school is typical of the ones that KIKN receives each year from the 5, but now 7, schools KIKN supports, though not necessarily in the same order of priority. They start with:-
Increased Breakfast club funding for 100 more children
Purchase of 25 computers to make up the number to 45 for the large student numbers in the senior classes
Improve and modernise the school library 
Improve the Science Lab
Renew the furniture and flooring in the Nursery room and the Level 1 class room
Lower the water tap for younger children for them to be able to help themselves

In response to the requests presented, KIKN assured the school of its commitment, bearing in mind the funding currently coming in to the charity. As in previous years, the ‘ shopping lists ‘ from all the schools will be discussed at the trustees’ meeting in October /Jan2020 depending on how successful we have been in fundraising towards the end of the year. 

I am optimistic and hopeful for another bumper year! To all KIKN supporters across the globe, please make contact with me if you are interested in our work and would like to be involved in some way. 
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