Neel Barahi Higher Secondary School

This is the first school KIKN supported way back in 2011. With its forward thinking Princpal, Januka Paudel, it has come a long way. It is one of the outstanding BEACON schools in the Kathmandu Valley.

It had 8 A level students in 2011, compared to 254 students currently. With support and commitment from KIKN in the last 8 years, the school now has a modern Science lab and a well resourced library, in addition to 35 computers which are now being updated in stages.

By working closely with the Principal, KIKN has been able to support the school to continue to upgrade its facilities. The Karate and dancing classes are two such examples. The idea behind introducing the extracurricular activities is to give all the children who are less academic the opportunity to excel in a different way.

Bý increasing the breakfast club to 150 children, the school is drawing in children whose parents are not in a position to feed them properly.

The school population has increased from 600+ students in 2011 to 1200+ in 2019 ! A great achievement for the partnership but has also increased the pressure to provide more facilities for the children. It is a great responsibility.

Once again the school is asking for more funding towards its Breakfast club. The birth rate seems to be going up. There are more young children than ever before and so their needs are increasing and getting greater.

Indeed, a challenging year ahead for KIKN!