KIKN’s Pride and Joy

It is always such a joy and with a sense of pride whenever I meet up with KIKN’s first 4 University graduate and under graduates namely Asmita, Apsarah, Sangita, and Laxmi.

Asmita (pictured with her own sponsored child Rojina) graduated over 2 years ago in Business Studies. She started doing some social and community work following her graduation. She was duly elected as the local councillor in her constituency. It is rare, firstly as a girl, secondly to be educated to degree level.

Asmita remembered what KIKN asked of her while studying at Uni – that she would sponsor a girl child on being employed. She has kept her promise. She brought her sponsored child to meet Lai See today.

Apsarah has finished her degree in Education and is awaiting the result from her final exam, which is due any day now. She is optimistic of passing the exam to enable her to work as a teacher. KIKN wishes her every success in all her future career moves.

Sangita is on track to finish her Accountancy degree in a year’s time.

Laxmi is in her second year doing Education.

With 2 potential University entrants this year and 14 in the A-level classes, KIKN is living up to its motto ‘A better life through education’.

Congratulations to everyone who has studied hard to come this far. Well done!