KIKN’s Gift to Ishwor School

Each year KIKN gives the 85+ children and their families a food parcel to help towards Dashain festival. This year, KIKN is also giving the children 2 sets of uniforms each to help to promote a sense of belonging and uniformity.

Uniforms were handed over individually by the KIKN Chair. The children were excited to receive their new uniforms. The Nursery children changed into their new uniforms immediately for a photo shoot.

The food parcel includes cooking oil, lentils, noodles, mixed beans, black eye beans, sugar, rice flakes and biscuits. Families with more than 2 children at the school were given twice the amount.

Everything went smoothly until the end when some beggar mums arrived and demanded to be given more than their share. A fight almost broke out among the mums. The headmaster handled the potentially violent situation well. One mum came back for the 4th time but was refused. Ugly scenes ensued…….

We reflected on the incident at the end of the day. We need to explore safer ways to deliver the food in future years if we are to continue the practice.

It is understandable that the beggar mums wanted more for their children . Life must be very hard to try to put a meal on the table every day. They were desperate. To them, we are the rich westerners with abundant resources so why should they not push their luck? 

A very difficult dilemma to which there are no easy answers……..We can only do our best………..