KIKN Sponsored Children Part 2

The 9 Lubhoo children came today for their sponsors’ letters. Such a pleasure to see them. The thirteen and fourteen year-olds have grown very tall and beautiful. How times fly…….

Every child read their letter with anticipation with a gift/gifts from their sponsor. They were well received! Such delightful company.

It took the children over 2 hours (with 3 changes) via public bus to reach here. We were concerned about the safety of the younger ones returning home….It was agreed that the 14 year olds would take the lead. Bus fare was given towards the homeward journey. Every child was to phone Uma on reaching home.

On the way out, much laughing and giggling could be heard on the landing while they were sorting out their bags of gifts into the new satchels they received. I am humbled to know so much pleasure has come from the thoughtful and practical gifts from the sponsors…….

Sponsors all around the world, thank you.