KIKN Annual Open Day

For the first time KIKN invited the Principals, and Heads of the7 schools we support to our Annual Open Day. We had the biggest crowd to date, just under 100 to cater for. 

Almost all the sponsored children came with their mums. They enjoyed a good Newari feast and went away happy with their winter clothing.

It was good to see the heads of the 7 schools and their accompanied staff mingling with one another. It felt very warm and welcoming.

Uma did well to ensure the event was weatherproof – so the sun came out in the afternoon.
Food enough to feed an army was prepared. All the children enjoyed second and third helpings of the delicious food. So did the mums. It was so good to see.

Almost half of the KIKN sponsored children are now in year 11/ 12 ( A levels) and University. They are striving forward. I reminded them of their obligation to KIKN – to study hard for a better life for them and their families. I am happy to say they all rewarded me with a most affirmative nod. 

Meeting up with all the children here today has reinforced my belief that KIKN is doing it right by the children. It makes the hard work involved in fundraising almost a pleasure. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to do this, here in Kathmandu. Thank you all.