Day 6 of our Nepal visit

This morning we drove back from Nagarkot and in the afternoon we visited Neel Barahi School. This is the first school that KIKN started working with around 2010. The school is currently undergoing extensive building works which they call ‘retro fitting’ but it is to make the buildings earthquake proof. This is making life difficult in the day to day running of the school which has around 1300 pupils as one whole building is out of action and for some two years now the school is using an overflow building which is a couple of hundred metres away from the main building across a street. It is, in reality, a big shed made of corrugated iron which houses 10 classes. The teachers told us that it becomes more difficult in the rainy season and when it gets cold in the winter. We met with the principal, Januka Nepal, who has been at the school for some time and we were given a little presentation by the computer teacher showing us how the school has progressed over the years. When KIKN first started working with the school there were only around 700 pupils. The principal is keen to continue expanding the school, especially in the field of computer science. We have asked that where possible graduates sponsor a current pupil and there is one pupil sponsored by an ex-graduate at the moment.