Day 1 of our annual Nepal visit

Uma had arranged for us to meet all of the older children and young adults attending university and colleges at a nearby restaurant for some afternoon tea and refreshments. We were surprised to see so many tables laid out but all of the space was eventually taken up as one by one everyone turned up , some still in their smart uniforms, having come straight from college. Like last year’s visit it was a great way to start by meeting everyone and there was a bit more time to have a little chat and find out how things were going with either their courses or jobs. They all look so grown up now as confident young adults.

It was also nice to see Uma again, who had also come along with an old friend of hers of over 50 years and Om, who also helps Uma with her own charity.

We then had some delicious refreshments of momos, spring rolls, and some fried chicken which was soon dispatched by all while at the same time some group photos were being taken of the gathering. The all important sponsor letters were also handed out and then everyone was eager to enjoy reading the latest news from their sponsor. It is something that they really look forward to.

Before everyone departed for their homes we had a big photo taking session of both group and then individual photos of all the sponsored children which I will share with sponsors on my return.

Tomorrow we start our programme of school visits with a visit to our first two schools.