Covid-19 Further Update from Kathmandu

With the pandemic across the world, Nepal has been in lockdown since March. It is similar to the UK in that people can only come out for food and essentials like medical needs. 
With the closure of schools and colleges in Kathmandu, KIKN’s 7 breakfast clubs in the 7 schools have ceased till further notice. This has affected approximately 900 children. The majority of their parents are unskilled manual workers. The construction industry has ceased operating during the lockdown. This has impacted on having a daily meal for the children.
KIKN received urgent requests for help for some of the most vulnerable children to ensure that the children will have at least one meal a day now that Breakfast clubs are not there as a safety net.
KIKN is very fortunate indeed to have received a timely and very generous unexpected emergency donation from the Horseman Trust. Together with our unspent breakfast money, KIKN has been able to send funds to 3 of our schools to provide food relief, benefitting 500 children.
The food parcels include rice, lentils, mixed beans, cooking oil, sugar and salt. It will last for 3-4 weeks depending on the size of their families. 
It is a drop in the ocean in terms of helping but the schools and the families are grateful. The first of the distributions took place at Shree Buddha School (pictured) on the 8th May, with two more planned for Neel Barahi School and Ishwor. We will provide more updates on these as we get them.
A big thank you to Uma, KIKN’s agent in Kathmandu who has expedited the organised distributions at the schools, as well as The HorsemanTrust for believing in what we do by giving KIKN such an unexpected gift to help to feed the children.
A heartfelt thanks from the Principals of the schools, children and their families in Kathmandu, and last but not least, KIKN. This is human kindness at it’s best. We are humbled by the generosity .
We will continue to try and provide help as the lockdown continues.
If you are inspired by what we do, please donate via KIKN’s website.
Thank you.