Chinese New Year Party 04.02.12

This successful fund-raiser attracted a fun-loving crowd of 24 people in search of an evening of lively entertainment. And they weren’t disappointed! Delicious Malaysian food and free-flowing wine set the scene perfectly for welcoming the Chinese New Year. A Chinese horoscope announced the birth year for each guest – often with hilarious results. Some guests discovered they were a ‘pig’, ‘snake’ or a ‘rat’ – whilst others were relieved to learn they were a ‘tiger’ or a ‘dragon’. Our hosts, the Chew household, decked everything out in celebratory red – the colour of good fortune – befitting the Year of the Dragon. A very special fun evening which raised well over £600 for the charity.

Curry Evening 24.03.12

Barbara Scott, who had recently returned from 2 weeks in India, hosted a very successful curry evening for 20 guests. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the range of curries cooked by Barbara, and it was a great opportunity to gain new friends for the charity. We raised £550 on the night, including sales of cards made by Sue Angus. Many thanks are extended to Barbara for her sterling work in supporting KIKN.