Annual Shopping Spree

Each year, every sponsored child is given a pack of winter clothing plus undergarments at KIKN’s Open Day.

In the earlier years, it involved traipsing round the overcrowded wholesale centres over several days to source the winter jackets, tracksuits, t-shirts, socks and undergarments. They were exhausting days I remember.

Over the years we have learnt to work smarter. Thanks to Uma, the winter jackets, tracksuits and t-shirts were all sourced locally and delivered before my arrival. Uma has made life a lot easier with her forward planning.

We were out today to buy vests, bras, panties and pants for the children. The transaction works like a charm. I hold the purse strings with Uma doing the bartering. Bulk purchases of 80 pairs of panties etc enabled us to drive a hard bargain. So it is win-win all round.

The government created 7 administrative regions across the country last year. It needs revenue to feed the bureaucrats in the 7 regions. This is reflected in the hike in prices in everything (approximately 35%) in the shops. Hard decisions had to be made to buy the essential things for the children. We manage to do that without disappointing them.

The next task is packing every relevant item for the 40 named children. Uma’s girls did well to complete the job under Uma’s supervision.

Well done girls!