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Rochana in September 2010
Rochana in September 2014
Rochana in September 2014






Rochana in Sept 2017









Rochana in September 2017


Rochana Magar Rochana was 8 when she was first sponsored by KIKN IN 2010. She is a friendly and warm child. She is very bright in her study. She was attending a substandard (free) school when she came to our notice.

Rochana lives with her parents and her younger brother (whom we sponsor as well) in a room no larger than 10×10 ft. It is a common feature for families from lower social economic group to live, cook, eat and sleep in one rented room regardless of the size of family. And a communion toilet and open air showering shared by all tenants living in the same house/block

Mum would go out early each morning to canvass for household chores by knocking on doors. She would do the weekly washing, cleaning for any household requiring her service. The chores are physically very demanding. And she is paid a pittance for her labour. Father does not work. That again appears to be common amongst the men from the lower social economic group.

It is against this background that the sponsorship has enabled mum to move the children to a better school with English as the teaching medium. In addition, we give every sponsored child a table (on which to study) and an emergency lamp (there are twice daily power cuts ) to enable them to do their homework. Though mum received no formal education, she wants the best education she can provide for her children. She believes that it is the only route to a better life. In addition, Rochana has a warm jacket for winter for the first time in her life, as has her brother. All these factors help towards Rochana to study better to achieve the life goal she sets herself as she grows up.

When I was in Kathmandu in 2011, I visited their new school. The principal told me that Rochana has done so well in her school exams that she has been promoted to the next senior class in order to stretch her academically. Since the promotion she has settled in very well.

Rochana has continued to excel in her studies. She came top of her class and year in the last academic year. At my last visit in September 2014, she told me that she wants to study to become a doctor. And she will, with KIKN supporting her every step of the way. Go Rochana go!

2017 update.

Rochana continues her excellent track record of obtaining ‘A’s in all her subjects. She is determined to study medicine – a very high cost and lengthy course! KIKN is exploring ways to help her to fulfil her ambition.

A bespectacled and rather serious girl, she speaks english fluently and confidently which is very impressive considering her disfunctional family.