Visit to Nepal Ardasha Secondary School

The KIKN team visited our 7th (new school) on another very wet day. The weather is unbecoming of Kathmandu. September is usually sunny and dry, a perfect time to visit and trek across the mountain ranges.

The Headmaster past and present were on site to show us the school which is situated on both sides of the road. It has been operating for the last 60 years with a lot of history behind it. Half the school has retained the original ornate facade.

A list of what the school needs was handed to the KIKN team for consideration. A Breakfast Club increase was omitted from the list because the school feared that it might be too costly for KIKN to consider……A nice change from the usual perspective! The school informed us that they have had an increase of 35 children in the first week of starting the Breakfast club!

KIKN faces a huge challenge if it is to meet the requests/needs of the 7 schools. No doubt compromises will have to be made to accommodate all their requests……