Thank You from Reejana

A Big ‘Thank you’ from Reejana.
Reejana is the young nursery teacher @Neel Barahi School whose family home was so badly damaged during the earthquake that they had to stay in a tent long after most of the people returned or found another room to rent. She supports her family of 7 on her meagre wage. She returned to her post a month after the earthquake still living in the tent without letting on her plight to her colleagues in school.
Soldiers were posted outside her home to avoid looting. The whole family only had what they stood in when they fled from the shaking house. Her colleagues fundraised to help. KIKN put aside a budget to help her with renting a room for a year until their house is repaired.
She came up to me during my visit to Neel Barahi School recently. She came again with Januka, the Principal to personally thank KIKN for our help. Reejana personifies the resilience, quiet dignity and is a survivor to boot. I truly admire how she is operating in adversity.
Thank you all for your most generous donations during a very traumatic time in Kathmandu, and the continued support.