Banking Information and Scheme of Delegation

Banking Information

  • Kids in Kathmandu Nepal (“KIKN”) banks with HSBC Bank, 141 High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1BX. This Community Business Banking account is charge free, other than for bank transfer payments to Nepal.
  • Account details are available to Janet Davies (JD), Chair,  Lai See Chew (LSC), Chief Officer and Stephen Smith (SS).
  • JD, LSC and SS are signatories to the account, and each has a bank debit card and cheque book, with access to on-line banking.
  • Cheques can be signed by either of JD, LSC or SS.
  • Transfers of funds to Nepal require the signatures of either JD, LSC or SS, together with ID information.

KIKN has elected not to have a credit card with this account, to avoid further charges.

Scheme of Delegation

  • Quarterly payments, as approved by the Board of Trustees, are made to a KIKN account held by Uma Mathema in Kathmandu solely for the benefit of:
    • KIKN sponsored children at the Save Lives Foundation Orphanage
    • KIKN sponsored children/young people at other schools or further education establishments in Kathmandu
    • Extra-curricular karate classes at the Neel Barahi School
    • Breakfast clubs at Neel Barahi, Jana Sudhar, Lubhoo, Ishwor, Saraswoti, Shree Buddha, and Adarsha Schools
    • Save Lives Foundation Orphanage
  • Other payments are made to the Nepal account when sufficient funds are raised for the purchase of equipment (e.g. computers) or goods (e.g. children’s clothes or school books), and as approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • From time to time, it may be necessary to make emergency payments to Nepal, for the benefit of the sponsored children, The Save Lives Foundation Orphanage, Neel Barahi, Jana Sudhar, Lubhoo, Ishwor, Saraswoti, Shree Buddha, and Adarsha Schools outside the regular quarterly payments approved at Board meetings.
  • The Board of Trustees has approved that Chair’s action can be taken for the expenditure and transfer to Nepal of up to maximum sum of £700 at any one time, provided that the Chair and Director have agreed that the expenditure falls within KIKN’s Objects in the Articles of Association, and that there are sufficient Reserves to cover the expenditure.

Revised Oct 2019