Parapokar Orphanage

Deepak Naggi is one of the 20+ boy orphans living in the Orphanage. It is the oldest Orphanage in Kathmandu started by philanthropists in the 1920s.

The original building which housed the boys was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015. While the next building which housed the girls remained intact the boys had to be relocated to the rural outskirts of Kathmandu at Duworkot village.

Deepak ‘s German sponsor sent him a watch with sweets and things. He was very happy to see us. It’s a once a year journey which involved an early morning start. Admittedly the roads have improved somewhat in the past years.

The Orphanage is so remote from Kathmandu that no volunteers can be sent there. With no contact with the outside world, the boys there have no chance of being seen or sponsored.

It transpired that children from all Orphanages will have to leave by end of year 10 ( 5th form) to fend for themselves in the outside world with no safety net whatsoever.

KIKN sponsors one boy and 6 girls from Parapokar. They are all high achievers because they appreciate the opportunity the sponsorship affords them. However, they face a double whammy. I have been told that our year 11 giirl is now allowed to stay on till she finishes year 12 (Upper 6) next year.

The challenge is on not only looking at the potential cost of higher education, but the practical daily board and lodging costs as well…….

KIKN is exploring options with countries that could possibly offer a scholarship to bright students from underdeveloped countries.

Friends and supporters, please contact KIKN if you have contacts or information about a potential scholarship for our deserving children.

Thank you