Neel Barahi School

Need Barahi School is very fortunate to have a high achieving Principal and a high performing team of teachers.
The Principal, Januka, has made her school to be the BEACON school in the area with great support from KIKN since 2009.

The 6th formers ( year 11& 12) now number over 300 from only 8 in 2009. The children are involved in national dance competitions. Several of the children have attained a Brown belt in Karate – the next level is a Black belt. This will open up life opportunities for the less academic children.

With finite resources available, KIKN has been able to gain agreement with the school in redistributing the current funding arrangements. The school will gain an additional 50 breakfast places next April.

Inspirational leadership has resulted in a highly successful team at Neel Barahi. It has proved to be an exceptional partnership working with the school for the common good, benefitting all the pupils there.

Thank you Januka for your commitment and leadership , thus making everything possible.