KIKN’s Open Day

The festival of Dashain-Tihar has come early this year. The schools close for 3/4 weeks from today. Many of our children will be returning to their rural villages for Dashain with the older generations.

KIKN had its best turn out to date. It was good to see the children and their mums and a couple of dads each year, renewing acquaintances.

The little ones are growing into young teenagers, those in the mid teens are becoming confident young women and men. It is a real pleasure to see the difference a year makes to the children.

It is heartening to know that some of the mums have started to run their own little enterprises through the years of hard work and saving, and it shows.

The children from Lubhoo School are the latest newcomers to this Open day. They in particular, enjoyed the food and each other’s company. The package with winter clothing and under garments was appreciated by all.

The children were reminded as they were leaving that they have to pay KIKN back- by obtaining the best results they can in their studies.

Here goes another year !