KIKN Open Day

Once a year KIKN welcomes all our sponsored children ( 38 this year ) and their parents to Uma’s orphanage. Many shopping sprees later, Uma and I purchased all the clothing we needed for every child. The children helped to pack the appropriate sized/colours into 38 individual packages. A great achievement by any standard!
Some of the truanting children were given a pet talk. Uma reminded the mothers of their role to keep encourageing the children to attend the school regularly and to study hard for better lives for themselves. It always feel like Xmas for them because everyone of them goes home with a new jacket, tracksuits, vests, pants, socks etc. after a big hearty meal of momo, fried chicken and chips .
Once again I promised myself that I would try harder to learn a little bit more Nepalese so I could converse with the mums who know me well by now -7 years on…
I look forward to the Open day each year, to pinch myself that the work of KIKN is still going on and achieving little milestones. Last year KIKN had 2 undergraduates, one for teaching and the other for Chartered Accountancy. This year, KIKN will have its third undergraduate studying to be a teacher, starting in a few weeks’ time.
We’ll done girls! We are so proud of you and excited about the bright future you will have.
It certainly will be a better life through education ! Thank you all for helping us to make it possible for the girls, namely Asmita, Shaussi and Apsarah against all odds!