Ishwor Primary School

Ishwor School is the 4th school that KIKN has supported. It is a small school with approximately 80 pupils, many of whom beg in the streets before and after school to help their families make ends meet.
KIKN’s breakfast club has helped the poor children to access education. The focus on the nursery children ensures that they have right environment to learn – a carpeted floor, low tables with cushions to sit on.
Replacing and repairing class room furniture in the whole school has helped in lifting the morale of both the teaching staff and pupils.
This is a poor and basic school with no electric lighting, no running water and no wiring to speak off except in the Headmaster cum staff room. There is still so much that is needed to be done in the coming years.
Please contact KIKN if you are interested to help to raise funds for the school.
Thank you.