Cristina from Lubhoo School

Cristina caught our attention last year when we made our first visit to the school. She was sobbing at the bottom of the stairs.

It transpired that she had seen visitors coming and going, bringing goodies for the chosen few – the sponsored children, and she was never one of them! She was rejected by her parents when they split up and was left with her grandmother. They lived a frugal existence .

She was put on the KIKN waiting list for sponsorship. In April 2017, with a turnover of sponsored children, KIKN was able to offer her the sponsorship.
Thank you Gurbi for being so generous in spirit and kind. Cristina was overwhelmed by your gifts and generosity.

We did our first visit to her new home. It seems that her father made contact about a month ago and asked her and her grandmother to go and live with him and his new wife.

The rest is history ……

The family lives in a makeshift zinc house. One half is open as a cafe with the other half for sleeping. It is a basic structure of bamboo poles and aluminium sheets strung together (see photo). It’s clean and comfortable. No doors though, just curtains.

The stepmother runs the cafe, has a great sense of humour, a very positive role model for Cristina.

Uma and I came away feeling good about the future for Cristina. It’s certainly an uplifting experience.